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Himachal, with all its overwhelming trails covering the energizing nature around, has been a trekker’s first love! The life and territory past the mountains are energizing, crude, and draws each voyager into an earth shattering adventure. Those, determined by the will to vanquish the dread and vertigo, walk those beaten pathways and live to tell the stories of a mind boggling venture. Hampta Pass situated in Himachal is one such goal that makes for an immaculate trekking heaven for each explorer.

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The trekking course of Hampta Pass winds over the mountains goes in the Manali area and closures at Chatru close Chandratal. Stroll past the fantastic perspectives of snow clad mountains improved with undulating edges and unbounded stretch of green covered in fog. You truly can’t do substantially other than viewing yourself as fortunate to have experienced the minute and offer thanks to nature for making such brilliant outside. We should perceive what this superb trek situated more than 10000 feet in the Pir Panjal Range has for us.

Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek is additionally what numerous trekkers address it as. The purpose behind calling it so is a direct result of the way that in the wake of letting you on an unfathomable adventure, the lovely trek closes at Chandratal Lake – the sickle moon. Chandratal is a standout amongst the most looked for after attractions in Spiti locale and most looked for after by the travelers for outdoors. The lake is a prominent fascination in the Lahaul Spiti area and it’s in fact a charming present for the voyagers who overcome the extraordinary conditions and arrange those unsafe bends to finish the trek.

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Hampta Pass gets its name from the Hamta Village situated in the Pir Panjal district. At 14000 feet, this place is for the most part wandered by shepherds and a bunch of trekkers. Ice sheets, rivulets, rugged mountains, and glades, Hampta Pass trek is a subtle delight that very few know about.

Hamta Pass lies at an elevation of 4270 m (14039 ft) on the Pir Panjal extend in the Himalayas. It is a little hallway between Lahaul’s Chandra Valley and Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. The terminology of the trek was gotten from Hamta Village, situated underneath Sethan town, as a feature of the trek course. This pass is much of the time utilized by shepherds of lower Himalayan area, looking for high elevation field in the dry cool desert of Lahaul amid mid year. Quantities of wild blooms and herbs develop at the height between 3000 to 3800 m. Vertical shake dividers, water falls, hanging ice sheets, pinewoods, rhododendron woods, open knolls, modest lakes and pinnacles transcending 6000 m are the primary qualities of this trek. The base camp for the trek is Jobra. This trek, regarded to have sensational changes in scene by head trek coordinators, for the most part needs experienced advisers for help explore crosswise over icy masses, quick streaming waterways and a testing landscape. Past Hamta pass, trekkers can expand their trek towards the delightful Chandrataal lake.[1] [2] For Hampta Pass Trek, first you should Reach Manali and after that drive till Jobra and trek facilitate with help. Camp stops are normally done at Chika, Balu ka gera, Chatru and so on.

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Route: Manali – Chika – Balu Ka Ghera – Siagoru – Chatru – Chandratal – Manali

Wandering in the midst of the wild, and wondering about the commanding mountains, it so peculiar how these beautiful encounters feed the hunger for new experiences and make for snapshots of a lifetime. The trek starts on a simple note and as you stroll over the lavish green glades, pastures, icy valleys, and energizing scenes, you at long last end the voyage on a high.

Truly, the Hampta Pass trek closes at Chatru yet an additional day is saved for an outing and outdoors at Chandratal Lake – the photo postcard lake in the Lahaul and Spiti region situated at 4300 meters.

Hampta Pass Trek, situated between the Manali and Spiti Valley, has lovely amazements for globe-trotters. The barrette curves and testing courses take you to Chika through Jorba. Chika should be possible that day or the substitute day. Since Manali at 6000 feet is ideal for acclimatization, and the move from 9800 feet (Jobra) to 10400 feet (Chika) shouldn’t be quite a bit of an issue.

The 3-hour trek from Jorba to Chika makes for the ideal begin for a superb adventure. Jobra being the brilliant campground has camping areas and a couple of hotels for trekkers. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are reserving your trek with an administrator, you require not be stressed over sustenance and remain!

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Instructions to Reach Hampta Pass

Via air: Bhuntar air terminal, situated at a separation of 52 km from Manali is the closest airplane terminal to Hampta Pass. Bhuntar is very much associated with Delhi and a considerable measure of airplane terminals the nation over. Private taxicabs are accessible from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs some place around INR 1000-1500 m. The Jobra base camp can be effortlessly come to by employing a private vehicle.

By street: Manali and further the Jobra base camp is very much associated with Delhi and every single other territory of India by street. Medium-term transports from Delhi to Manali keeps running couple. Tickets can be gotten from HRTC official site. In general, achieving base camp from Delhi shouldn’t take you over 15 hours.

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Things to pack for Hampta Pass Trek

I) Clothes

Wool coat

Full sleeves thick coat

Engineered track pants

Full sleeves tees


Woolen monkey top/balaclava

Woolen hand gloves/Synthetic Glove

Woolen head-scarf/suppressor


ii) Shoes and socks

Appropriate trekking shoes

Games socks

Woolen socks


iii) Skin care fundamentals

Shades with 100% UV insurance

Lip demulcent

Cool cream

Sunscreen salve

iv) Medicines

Crocin, Avomine, Avil, Combiflam, Disprin, Norflox, Crepe swathe, Band-help, Digene, Gauze fabric, Leukoplast, Cotton, ORS, Betadine or any germicide cream, Volini or Moov shower

v) Other adornments

Driven Torch/headlamps

High temp water bottle/sack

Rucksack (ideally 55 – 65 L)


Trekking Pole

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