Gangotri Glacier Trek


Gangotri Glacier Trek is one of the most exciting trail in the Garhwal Himalayas that makes for a memorable trip to the source feeding river Ganga river. One has to walk in the shadow of the mountains at an altitude ranging from 4000 meters to 6500 meters which is the ultimate thrill for the adventure seekers.  It is best for adventure lovers all over the world. Gangotri is a challenging trek located in the heart of the Himalayas from Gangotri to Gaumukh and measures 17 km trek to the holy land of Hindus is located by the banks of Bhagirathi.

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Popular attractions near Gangotri Glacier Trek


Gangotri is a small town located in Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is a Hindu pilgrim town situated on the banks of the river Bhagirathi and origin of River Ganges. It is located on the Greater Himalayan Range, at a height of 3,100 metres (10,200 ft). It is believed here that Goddess Ganga descended when Lord Shiva released the mighty river from the locks of his hair according to popular Hindu legend.

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Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River as well the seat of the Goddess Yamuna in Hinduism which is situated at an altitude of 3,293 metres in the Garhwal Himalayas and located approximately 30 kilometers away from Uttarkashi. It is considered as one of the four sites in India’s Chhota Char Dham pilgrimage. The main attraction at Yamunotri is the temple which is devoted to the Goddess Yamuna and the holy thermal springs at Janki Chatt which is 7 km away from here.

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Kedarnath is a town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and is mainly known because of Kedarnath Temple. It is one of the four Chota Char Dham sites and is located in the Himalayas, about 3,583 m above sea level near Chorabari Glacier, the head of river Mandakini. Kedarnath Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the Garhwal Himalayan range near the Mandakini river in Kedarnath. The temple is open only between the end of April (Akshaya Tritriya) to November (Kartik Purnima – the autumn full moon) due to extreme weather conditions there and during the winters, the vigrahas (deities) from Kedarnath temple are brought to Ukhimath and worshipped there for six months.

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Badrinath is a holy town located in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is the most important of the four sites in India’s Char Dham pilgrimage and gets its name as well mainly known for the temple of Badrinath which is the main attraction in the town. According to legend Shankar discovered a black stone image of Lord Badrinarayan made of Saligram stone in the Alaknanda River which he originally enshrined it in a cave near the Tapt Kund hot springs and In the sixteenth century, the King of Garhwal moved the murti to the present temple. The temple is approximately 50 ft tall in height with a small cupola on top which is covered with a gold gilt roof.

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Best time to visit

The best time to go for the Gangotri Glacier Trek is between Mid-April to June and September to November because the weather is neither too cold nor too much of rainfall. Hence, not dangerous to trek. Months of summer are the most suitable for the Gangotri Glacier Trek as skies are clear and sun shines the brightest. Spring season is the another most preferred time to visit Gangotri apart from summer because of presence of greenery everywhere and pleasant climate makes trekking so much of fun during spring.

Seasons of monsoon and winter are not at all appropriate seasons to take the Gangotri Glacier Trek as   monsoon makes the conditions difficult with sloppy trails and the road to Chardham is closed during winter season because of excessive snowfall. From the month November to March the road remain closed.

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How to Reach Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri Glacier is easily accessible by road and the trek commences from Gangotri Temple and continues up to Gaumukh.

By air: Jolly Grant Airport located in Dehradun is the nearest airport from Gangotri Temple, which is located 257Km away from Gangotri temple. The airport is well connected with most of the airports across India and one has to travel the rest of the distance from Airport to Gangotri by a bus or in a private vehicle.

By rail: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railway station located 243 km away from Gangotri glacier. One can cover rest of the distance by cabs and buses which ply from Rishikesh to Gangotri frequently.

By road: Gangotri Glacier can be easily accessed from all over India by road. One can reach both of these destinations  overnight from Delhi. One can selfdrive to reach here as it is well connected by roads from all over india.

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